QA engineer Alexander Samarin

QA engineer Alexander Samarin

Experience skills

Documentation: various types of technical documentation, i.e. test plan, check-list, test case, use case, etc. - Bug tracking, logging & reporting; - Defect & bug discovery, technical specification analysis; - Various types of manual testing, i.e. functional, regression, usability, cross browser, Black\Grey Box Testing;



HTML, CSS, JS, Firebug, PixelPerfect;


MySQL - Bug-tracker: Jira, Redmine, Youtrack;


Unix-based, Windows; - Others: VMWare, VNC, phpMyAdmin, Firebug, PixelPerfect, Postman, Selenium;

Working experience:

QA Engineer/Manual Tester Aug 2012  May 2016(3 years 10 months) MarketGid (Kiev, |

Experience in various types of testing  Functional, Regression, Scenario, Client-server based, Web- based, Black\Grey Box; - Tracking bugs in Redmine/Jira, open defects fix and functionality validation; - Analyzing, writing reports & communicating results to colleagues & managers; - Preparing detailed test plans, acceptance criteria and test scenarios for each project; - Interaction with DB (MySQL). Customer Support/Service Desk Tester Feb 2011  Aug 2012 (1 year 5 months) MGID (Kiev,

Clients/Managers requests and tech issues processing, system structure and general workflow consulting; - Troubleshooting, Issue double-checks; - Specifications and other documentation composition, creating test plans/test-cases, pinpointing web- interface functional defects; - Tracking bugs in Redmine, open defects fix and functionality validation; - HTML/CSS pages/widgets makeup, resolve problems from an end users perspective. Education: Ukrainian State University of Finance and Trading (2007-2012), Master Degree of International Economics.

Personal qualities:

  • Ability to learn quickly,
  • Responsible
  • Open minded
  • Languages spoken:
  • English  upper intermediate. - Russian and Ukrainian (as native).