PHP Software Engineer Nikolay Kuropatkin

PHP Software Engineer Nikolay Kuropatkin

Summary of Qualifications

Senior PHP Developer, with 5 years of web application development experience. Develop and deploy new projects with PHP frameworks, design layout, programming, database engineering and optimization.

  • Application modules development;
  • Database design;
  • Work with Highload projects;
  • Technical review, technological research for the business tasks;
  • Logical and methodical approach to planning, development, testing;
  • Take the initiative to develop effective solutions for the business tasks;
  • High personal standards and attention to detail;


Programming Languages/ Technologies
  • PHP(version 5.2-5.6 , 4,5 years experience), OOP
  • Python(version 2.7 - 3.4 , 1 year experience) - parsing sites, Django - basics, SqlAlchemy,
  • Bash
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3
PHP Frameworks
  • Yii2
  • Symfony 2
  • CodeIgnitor2
  • Laravel5 (basics)
Javacript Frameworks
  • AngularJS
  • Backbone.js
  • ReactJs
  • WordPress
  • Application/Web
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mongodb
  • Queue System
  • RabbitMQ
  • Gearman
  • Agile, SCRUM
  • Nginx
  • Apache
Web Servers
  • SOAP
  • REST
Testing Tools
  • TDD
  • BDD
  • PHPUnit
  • Ubuntu
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 7/10
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Debian Linux
  • Hardware
  • Network technologies


5 years in development experience of back-end functionality and web application . Getiss ( Project Description: Getiss - a new service of integrated security on the basis of video surveillance.

  • Intelligent video control;
  • Storage information;
  • Event notification;
  • Security response.
  • IT Future, Ukraine
  • Involvement Duration: 9 months
  • Project Role: Senior PHP Developer
  • Application modules development;
  • utomation of financial reporting for the company;
  • Online application support;
  • !ode review, troubleshoot, test and maintain the core product software and databases
  • Project Team Size: 20-50 team members
Tools & Technologies:

Symfony2, Postgresql9.3, RabbitMq, Redis, Memchached, Jenkins, PhpUnit, Knockout.js, jQuery, Ajax, REST, YouTrack, Git. Slavpeople ( Project Description: International multimedia portal with legal content. Customer: Slavpeople Ltd, Ukraine Involvement Duration: 6 months Project Role: Team Lead php developer

  • Team Lead, headed the development team (7 pers.)
  • Technical specifications, code review, the development of new features
  • Setup and administration of servers linux ubuntu,
  • Acting project manager
  • Project Team Size: 20-50 team members
Tools & Technologies:

CodeIgniter2, Mysql5.5, Redis, Memchached, Jenkins, PhpUnit, Python2.7, jQuery.js, Ajax, REST, Redmine, Git. Genesis ( Project Description: Genesis are a profitable and fast-growing company with over 70 million visit to company projects every month. Genesis projects are available on all popular platforms - desktop, mobile, iOS, Android. Genesis are experts in user acquisition and traffic monetization in every region of the world and Genesisve built the largest web-projects in Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Russia & the former Soviet Union, and India Project Role: Middle php developer


Development of new functionality and optimization of working functional sites,,,,, Project Team Size: 250-300 team members Tools & Technologies: PhpLight, Mysql 5.5, Gearman, Redis, Memchached, PhpUnit, jQuery.js, Ajax, REST, Git. 5-soft ( Involvement Duration: 8 months Project Role: php developer

Education Economical Cybernetics (Specialist) DonNTU The Faculty of Economics Graduated in 2014