Programming, coding, testing, and promotion of the websites in Montreal

Knowledge of the web programming languages (PHP, ASP, JavaScript, etc.) is required for developing the site functionality (including news, comments, site search, etc.). The Web programmer is responsible for the above-mentioned development. The better functionality the more time is needed for programming.

Your site should be displayed in all browsers (IE, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc.). Reactorbits has a team of Testers (QA - Quality Assurance) and can test the website full functionality and report the found bugs for fixing. Filling the website is one of the most important moments in the website development process. The correctly filled website can be found easily by using Internet search engines and helps to promote your company's profile on the Internet, increasing your site popularity.

Promotion on the Internet is the task for SEO optimizer. It includes steps aimed to search engine optimization SEO (finding your site in top search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex). The process of the site promotion and advertising should be performed on a regular basis. Reactorbits is known for developing successful websites and its highly professional and dedicated team.